Sebastian Brax

Winning the Warrant of Trade through some high-stakes gambling, he eagerly leads the Dynasty to fortune.


Sebastian Brax was born and raised on the massive orbital station, Port Nubia, orbiting the planet Delorium. From a young age he experienced the extremes of good and bad luck. His parents were consumed by demons in the warp, but a bank miscalculation shortly afterward landed Sebastian with ten times the amount of wealth that his parents had. Sebastian learned to put his trust in the God-Emperor for his luck to turn out right – however, he was exposed to the adeptus mechanicus while at Port Nubia and can occasionally be found revering the machine spirits.

Later in life, Sebastian became quite addicted to gambling, but fortunately also very good at it. After months of risky betting Sebastian not only had greatly increased his wealth, but also became the Governor of Port Nubia. With his exceptional intelligence and good fortune, Sebastian quickly expanded his economic empire, bringing Port Nubia out of obscurity and into the lime light of commerce.

Then one day it all fell apart. The height of Sebastian’s empire and its destruction both coincidentally occurred within 48 hours. All of Sebastian’s ships were simultaneously destroyed by various means – lost in the warp, destroyed by pirates and xenos, and requisitioned by the Inquisition. War broke out on Delorium and it immediately ceased all trade and traffic with the space station, and every single man that worked for Sebastian was drafted into the Imperial Guard to quell the fighting. Sebastian was reported to the Inquisition (on false charges of course) and his funds were frozen immediately, while most of his things were stolen in an unconnected event while Sebastian slept. And to make things simply unbearable a warp storm developed around Sebastian’s favorite vacation planet, sealing it off from the rest of the galaxy for probably the rest of his life.

Sebastian was emotionally distraught, spiritually drained, and completely destitute, so naturally he went insane. It was only a minor bout of insanity – well, as minor as two years can be… Sebastian was kept in an asylum on a planet he had never even heard of – and Sebastian knew quite a lot about he Koronus Expanse – but it didn’t matter to him because he was crazy at the time.

Then one day, just as fast as his life was ruined, Sebastian snapped out of it. By sheer intelligence, charisma, and you guessed it, luck, Sebastian managed to persuade his keepers that he was no longer crazy at all, and in fact, never had been. He was quickly released and resumed his ambition for fortune without delay. So what was the first thing Sebastian did? Gamble of course. And by doing so, not only was Sebastian able to obtain a nice xeno cloak, but also a Rogue Trader’s Warrent of trade, his two ships, and a massive crew. Not too shabby huh?

And so that’s how Sebastian Brax became the captain of the Crimson Sect and how he began his career as a Rogue Trader. He obviously has some catching up to do since he has nothing akin to a dynasty, but he is extremely intelligent and a scholar at heart, so he will learn fast. Also, as you all know, he is extremely lucky and will of course be successful – or is it really that he takes big risks and knows when he can win? Who knows but the God-Emperor?

Sebastian Brax

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