Katana Resistor

An unsanctioned psyker, she works diligently to keep it a secret.


Talents: basic weapon training, pistol weapon training, psi rating 3, paranoia, warp affinity, unremarkable, foresight

Special Abilities: accustomed to crowds, hive-bound, wary, seeker of lore, brook no insult

Psychic Disciplines: telekinesis, divination

Psychic Techniques: telekinetic crush, telekinetic shield, force bolt, in harm’s way, foreshadow, telekinetic weapon

Trained Skills: awareness, barter, charm, commerce, lore: underworld (criminal), concealment, deceive, disguise, dodge, evaluate, forbidden lore: archaeotech, inquiry (+10), literacy, psyniscience (+10), shadowing, silent move, sleight of hand, language: low gothic, language: trader’s cant, language: hive dialect (basic), tech-use (basic)

Physical Description: Katana is 5’6 with tan skin and colorless grey eyes. Her hair is semi-long, often braided, and is a shade somewhere between black and brown. She has a thin, agile body which often twitches in quick, furtive movements, tensed as if expecting attack at any moment. She is utterly unremarkable to look at. She is 19 years old, but looks about 23. Life experience has aged her.


Katana was born on the hive world Brexis as Lily Hinami to parents who already had far too many children. She did her best to help out, but when she was 12 years old her mutant psyker tendencies surfaced. Her parents, terrified she would destroy them all, threw her out with nothing more than the clothes on her back. Despite her young age, Katana adapted and thrived, developing basic thieving skills and blending perfectly into the ever-present crowds.

Not always in control of her new powers, she drew unwanted attention and was the target of many assassination attempts until she joined a gang of fellow psyker renegades called The Resistance. They trained her in the use of her new powers as well as basic combat. Together they were able to pull off greater heists than they ever could have alone, but they were wanted criminals. The Inquisition of Ordo Hereticus, a prevalent society on Brexis, hunted them like they were rabid dogs. She lived by the skin of her teeth, barely escaping from one job into the next, evading capture and learning all she could about how the world worked so she could manipulate the knowledge to her purposes. She was officially initiated and was given a new name to suit her personality—a sword that would come down on her enemies.

Survival, loyalty, and pride were the only things that mattered in The Resistance—pride being first and foremost. The world looked down on renegade psykers, but The Resistance taught Katana that she was worthwhile and deserving of a better life, and that it was better to be feared than despised. Personal insults meant death to the insulter. Katana gave her all for the respect of her fellow gang members, and got it. At the age of 17, she was the leader of The Resistance, and they were hiring themselves out to leaders of the criminal underworld who needed them for special tasks. The gang now had a great reputation on the shadier side of things, one for getting the job done, and getting it done right. The Resistance now had more funds than they knew what to do with, and invested the money into finding and training new psykers from around the globe and spreading anti-Inquisition propaganda. They also started focusing their efforts on eradicating the Ordo Hereticus, destroying their bases when they found them. Katana’s goal was to erase the Adeptas Sororitas from Brexis once and for all. An admirable goal, but not a very wise one.

The Inquisition infiltrated Katana’s gang, using children with latent psyker abilities. Katana accepted these children, and the Inquisition shortly invaded their location. It was a bitter battle—the psykers of The Resistance were well-trained and determined, but the Inquisition was well prepared and the gang was outnumbered. It was an epic battle—many Inquisitors were defeated and city blocks leveled, but eventually The Resistance was taken down and slaughtered like animals.

Katana alone escaped the mass murder—or so she believes. Her unremarkable appearance caused her to be overlooked when the Inquisition searched for survivors to capture, and she was able to blend into the crowd and walk away. She left that world as soon as possible—there was no more reason to stay. Instead of looking to the past, she looked to the future. She had long abandoned her parents’ name, but now she took up the name of The Resistance. She would take what she had learned and travel the galaxy in search of more tolerant worlds. Perhaps she would be able to make a difference elsewhere. Perhaps she would be able to bring down the Inquisition and all that it represented. Or maybe she’d just make a lot of money and live a comfortable life. Only time would tell.

Katana Resistor

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