A bounty hunter in the service of the Dynasty


Name: Alt Height: 1.7 metres Age: 27 years Weight: 198 lbs Homeworld: Forge World of Gabigjan


Alt grew up on his homeworld of Gabigjan which was not one of the most pleasant experiences to befall a man. Abandoned when he was little, he grew up in the slums scavenging for what he could find and living the life of kill or be killed. From a young age with the rigors opposed on his body he has become quite resilient and strong even though he may not be very large. Having been around the shadier parts of society all his life he never learned a “proper” respect for the emperor, yet still honors and pays his dues. The older he got the more work he was able to find leading him further into the workings of the underworld.

Growing bored with his job as a street tough for one of the bars in the lower sectors. He decided to take up employing himself and living off his own strengths. The path of a Bounty Hunter seemed most appealing to one such as him. The hunt, the chase, and the victory of this line of work was the kind of excitement and challenge he sought.

Working his way up he became a very efficient hunter. Working for money tracking down whoever his employers wanted and best of all he could choose what he did. Since he grew up in the lower sectors he had a lot of ties to different organizations. As he became well known the price he would charge went up, but many would agree that it was well worth it. Uf-hnaiwjan was one of the largest underworld organizations and their reign spanned several worlds. They employed him quite often and the arrangement seemed to work out well, until the jobs started to get too malicious and more often than not they started to resort to the murder of families of people the Uf-hnaiwjan wished to intimidate.

As time went on Alt began to reject the jobs he was given from the Uf-hnaiwjan and started taking on more jobs with the official bounty hunters lists that were found on worlds. Victris Hellstorm is the current leader of the Uf-hnaiwjan having expanded his little empire and influence he had many dealings which were vital to the success and prosperity of the organization. Unbeknownst to Alt that many of his high paying jobs that he took, ended up stone-walling the progress that Victris desired. Alt having become a threat was soon marked for death and had a substantial bounty put on his head. Upon learning of this Alt began to investigate the why as to his sudden turn into the lists.

His investigation into the matter led him to his old employers. Becoming angry, Alt put an even greater thorn into the side of Victris by killing off many of his high ranking commanders. One of which was his own brother Triston and also wounding Victris by blowing off his left arm in his attempt to kill him.

The bounty on his head quadrupled and Alt spent much of his time in hiding and killing off those that would seek a fortune. Many were dismayed by Alt’s reputation and were not eager to take the job. Of course the price for his death or capture was too tempting to pass up. To make things easier on himself and seek his fortune elsewhere Alt escaped off the planet and headed to other sectors. But the price followed him wherever he went. Resting at the space station Footfall before continuing his run he was recognized and offered a job by the rogue trader of the Barbannos Dynasty. Seeing as how he would be well paid for his work and the cost of travel would be free and that he would constantly be on the move made this a very desirable deal. Accepting, he started working for the Barbannos Dynasty and has proven to be a valuable asset to their goal of power and fame.


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