Rogue Trader : The Barbannos Dynasty

The Rajiirian Cluster: 1st Session

A new Endeavor for the Dynasty

Rendezvous at Footfall

Returning from their mission to Lucien’s Breath, the Explorers were to Rendezvous with their newly acquired second starship, the Crimson Sabre, at Footfall. Upon arrival they were greeted with two unexpected bits of news. The first was that the Dynasty’s Warrant of Trade had a new owner, and thus a new Rogue Trader. The second, and more grave bit of news, was that there was an Inquisitor waiting to speak with them.

The new Rogue Trader was Sebastian Brax, who had won the Warrant through some high-stakes gambling. He was eager to lead the Dynasty, with fortune as his primary objective.

The Inquisitor was Staven Arcturos, of the Ordo Xenos, and with him were a few of his acolytes. He inquired as to what transpired on the planet Kothos, where the Explorers had been just before the mission to Lucien’s Breath. Alt, did most of the speaking, giving the cover story that the Eldar had foiled their efforts to establish Imperial rule over Kothos. He omitted all of the details of the Explorers’s treasonous acts.

Despite Alt’s omission of those details, Inquisitor Arcturos seemed to have some clue of what had really gone on, as he commented that those things which are best for the Imperium may not at first appear to be so. He then handed the team a map of a cluster of stars, far out in the Accursed Demense.

The map was of the Rajiirian Cluster, first charted by the Rogue Trader “One-Eyed” Marcus Graham. None of the Explorers had heard of the Rajiirian Cluster, and little was known of Markus Graham, aside from the following information:

-The Graham Dynasty was relatively prominent in the Koronus Expanse until about a century ago.

-Markus Graham was very into the Cold Trade of Xenos Beasts.

-Graham was murdered by a crime baron about a century ago. He had just returned from a years long voyage into the Expanse, from which he returned with great wealth.

Inquisitor Arcturos suggested that the Explorers follow the chart to the Rajiirian Cluster, and look further into what was there. Knowing that Graham supposedly found a fortune there, everyone was more than happy to go on the Endeavor.

The Inquisitor left two of his Acolytes – the Psyker Verena Nihlus, and the Arbitrator Tristan Lode – on board the ship, to represent his personal interests in the Cluster.

And with that, they were off.

Journey through the Void

During the long voyage through the Void, some of the Explorers got to know the two Acolytes a little bit better.

Verena spent most of her time on the observation decks, gazing into the stars, when they weren’t in the warp. She was very cryptic and strange, as most Psykers tend to be. She spoke admirably of Inquisitor Arcturos, clearly respecting the man and what she referred to as his “foresight”.

Tristan was more friendly, and did more investigation into the way things were run on the ship. He spoke of Inquisitor Arcturos with respect, also referring to his “foresight”. Some further investigation was done concerning Inquisitor Arcturos, and it was discovered that rumors told that he had at one time had a run-in with Ulthyr Ellarion, the notorious Eldar outcast whom the Explorers had dealt with on Kothos.

Upon reaching the Cluster, there were three warp passages that could be taken into the Cluster (it was surrounded by violent warp storms). The Explorers began by taking the Passage of Daemons, through which they were berated by the anguished howls and maniacal laughter of daemons of the warp. Many members of the crew suffered from bouts of insanity while making the voyage, but the Litanies sung by Novia had a calming effect on them. Both the ship’s Astropath and Verena noticed an almost imperceptible flicker in the ships Gellar Fields, during which it was likely that a daemon had slipped on board.

Halfway through the Passage of Daemons, the ships slipped through a small passage that led to the Treacherous Strait, as no one wanted to stay in the presence of such maddening screams. the Psykers on board experienced a moment of discomfort as everyone around them suddenly appeared to be an Untouchable. This oddity passed, though, as the ship entered the dangerous warp shoals of the Treacherous Strait. Expert piloting on behalf of Jericus Raam brought the ship safely through, however.

An Encounter in the Open Void

In the calm, open void following the passage into the Cluster, the Explorers encountered a ragtag caravan of Stryxis. The ugly and greedy xenos wanted to trade with the Explorers, and so they did. Through good bartering, including an audio recording of Novia’s singing, the Explorers got away with a few odds and ends, as well as a nice Fractal Blade and some decent armor. While on board the filthy Stryxis ships, however, the Astropath noticed another human on board, who tried to slip away unnoticed. After catching the man, and probing his mind with psychic powers, they learned that the man was from a human colony on a planet in the system. The man knew nothing of the Imperium, but did know that the leaders of his government did not like visitors.

The Vegora System

The first system visited by the Explorers was home to an asteroid belt that appeared to be a ship graveyard. When the orders were given to avoid it, Jericus piloted right towards it, overcome by some daemonic entity. The order was then given to hunt down the Daemon that had snuck aboard while passing into the Cluster. Bolstered by a psychically transmitted prayer from the Astropath, Jericus was able to snap out of it, and get the ship away from the asteroid belt. Meanwhile, Novia and Alt hunted down the Daemon. Novia caught it off guard, and let loose the cleansing fires of the God-Emperor on the foul entity of the Warp, banishing it.

Turning away from the Vegora System, the Explorers headed to the next closest system, the Hamesh system.

The Hamesh System

Upon arriving at the Hamesh system and doing initial scans, the Explorers decided to first check out the planet Morachiel, which housed a civilization of some sort. Before they could get there, they were attacked by some fierce space worm, a Hungerer, which did some damage to the Kroot Barracks before it was pulverized by macro-cannons. With the Hungerer out of the way, the Explorers made their way to explore Morachiel. . .


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